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Linksys is a famous name in manufacturing networking products of top quality. Linksys is a world-famous brand and is popular for its router’s top performance. Linksys, in recent times, has been appeared as the best service provider of the wireless routers. It is an American corporation that manufactures data networking software and sells it to the small business and home users as well. Linksys produce wired as well as wireless routers, VOIP equipment, Wi-Fi extenders, Ethernet switches, etc. Among all these products, the most famous product of Linksys is the Linksys router. While the router continues to be the most famous product of Linksys, these routers also cause various technical issues. The routers are mainly built to share the web connection with various devices wirelessly. That is why it is one of the most important electronic gadgets. Routers are said to be a modern technical marvel build with the top line and latest hardware and software.linksys support

How to Setup Linksys Router >> Linksys Router Setup

Setup Linksys Router for the first time is a 2-step method: Manually setup the Router & arrange the Router’s settings. Ensure you have sufficient Ethernet wires to link the modem to the Router & the Router to your PC even suppose the Router is cordless, a cord connection is a necessity till setup.

Are you attempt to setup a home-based network with your trademark fresh Linksys Router? You will need to ensure that you will setup properly to stop unwanted operators & protect your private data. Receiving your Router & take a few minutes for work. Look at the below-mentioned Linksys wireless routers setup procedure:

  1. Connect utilizing a web browser. Once you’re 1st arranging your Router, link it to a PC via Ethernet wire. This will verify that you’re not detached if changes are prepared to the cordless network. Access any web browser & write in the Router’s address in the address field.
  2. Almost all Linksys Routers can be open by writing the address
  3. If you can’t open the Router from your browser, the “web management” selection might be disabled. In this situation, click & hold the Reset key on the rear of your Router to rearrange it to workshop avoidances.
  4. Type your username & password. Once you attempt to open the Router from the net, you’ll be requested for the username & password for your Router. These differ from Router to Router. However, the avoidances must be registered in your certification. If you can’t discover it, you can rearrange the Router to factory setup & then search the Router model online.
  5. Best avoidance usernames are “admin.”
  6. Best avoidance passwords are “admin/blank.”
  7. Utilize configuration Linksys router application. Lots of fresh Linksys Routers come with a connection CD that can be installed as arrangement software. This will permit you to alter settings without taking to link over a web browser. You normally will not want to type username & password to utilize it.linksys router setup
  8. When you access the arrangement software, the options will usually be similar to the browser options.

Hope you would have understood how to setup a Linksys router. Linksys wireless routers setup takes just a few minutes to perform. Enjoy the fastest internet speed by performing Linksys smart Wifi setup.

How to Configure Linksys Routers >> Configure Linksys Routers

Are you attempting to setup a home-based net with your brand fresh Linksys router? You will need to ensure that you will configure Linksys routers properly to stop unwanted customer & protect your private data. Receiving your router active & operating only need a few moments.

  1. Connect utilizing a net browser. After you’re first arranging your router, link it to a PC via Ethernet wire. This will make sure that you’re not detached if changes are prepared to the cordless network. Access any net browser & write in the router’s address on the address field.
  2. Almost all the Linksys routers can be open by typing the address
  3. If you can’t open the router by your browser, the “web management” choice possibly disabled. In this situation, hold the Reset key on the rare side of your router to rearrange it to “factory defaults.”
  4. Write your username & password. While you attempt to open the router by the web, you’ll be requested for the username & password for your router. These differ by the router to router. However, the defaults must be registered in your records. If you cannot discover it, you can rearrange the router to factory setups & then search the router model on websites.
  5. Many default usernames are “admin.”
  6. Many default passwords are “admin/blank.”
  7. Utilize configuration app. Mostly new Linksys routers arrive with an installation “CD” that can mount an arrangement software. This will permit you to alter settings without being to link by a net browser. You usually will not want to write a username & password to utilize it.configure linksys router
  8. When you Access the configuration app, the options will normally be similar to the browser options.

Steps for configuring Linksys routers ends here. We hope you would have understood how to config Linksys router easily. Linksys router configuring helps you keep protected against unwanted online threats and virus. Enjoy the next gen internet speed by configuring Linksys router at your home or office.

How Can I Access Linksys Router >> Linksys Router Setup

In order to alter the setups on a Linksys router, you’ll want to benefit to open the gadgets net interface. Some dissimilar processes can be made from the Router’s net interface, such as trying firmware updates, altering firewall & net safety settings, & replacing between dynamic & static IP addresses. This paragraph offers steps regarding “how to access Linksys Router” net interface for some Linksys gadgets still below the creator’s help.

Following steps to access Linksys Router:

  1. Find a Linksys Router’s normal access for Windows customers: The gadget’s normal access address wants to be placed so that you may open the net interface for the Linksys Router. Access the options & write “cmd” in the search box, placed just under the “All Programs” options. The instructions display will access on the desktop.
  2. Write “ipconfig” in the instructions display to stop the gadget’s configuration details. The Linksys Router’s normal access will be registered nearby the upper side of the instructions display, under the subnet cover. The normal access address has been rated.
  3. Rate a Linksys Router’s normal access for Mac OS X customer: Press the Apple sign on the options bar & choose System Preferences. The net options will be turned on. Choose net & cordless.
  4. Press the ‘Advanced’ key in the net discussion box & turn on the “TCP/IP” field to see the net configuration setups. Register the normal access address & exit the discussion box. The normal access has been placed.
  5. Open a Linksys Router through the net interface with the normal access address: Write the normal access address in the net browser’s address field & Click “Enter.” The gadget’s net interface will turn on.
  6. Utilize the normal username & password if motivated. The normal username & password will differ depending on the gadget existing utilized & the net facility provider. But, in many situations, the default customer name will be “admin” & the password will be “admin” too. In many situations, the normal username has been setup as “Administration” & no password has been put.
  7. how to access linksys routerWrite the gadget’s normal username & password if motivated while trying to start the router. Attempt clicking “Enter” instantly after typing the normal username. If motivated over for a username & password, write “admin” in equally the username & password area & click “Enter” once more.
  8. Rearrange the password on a Linksys Router: If a previous password has been applied & misplaced, you can rearrange the Linksys Router to facilitate the normal username & password can be utilized to start the gadget’s net interface. Utilize a paper pin to tap & hold the reset key placed on the rare side of the Linksys Router for half a minute to finish the password reset.

The process to access Linksys Router is over now. You can follow these steps to access Linksys Router.

How to Login to Linksys Router >> Linksys Router Set up

These few steps will teach you “how can you Login to Linksys Router” utilizing a Net browser on your PC.

Following steps about Login to Linksys Router:

  1. Link your PC to the net. Link to the similar net the Linksys router is “ON.”
  2. Go to “” on a web. This would link you to the router.
  3. Write your username in the blank area. If you’ve not altered the username by the factory default, forget it blank.
  4. Write your password in the blank area. If you’ve not altered your password by the factory defaults, write “admin” in the password area.linksys router login
  5. Press “Login.”

The method of Login to the Linksys Router is completed now. You can follow these steps to Login to Linksys Router.

How to Change Linksys Router Password >> Linksys Router Support

Linksys is now a share of Cisco Systems. Linksys is a builder of networking tools. After a Linksys router is arranged with a page because of its capability for preserving out illegal gadgets at the best basic network stage. It’s a nice safety exercise to change the password on the Linksys Router constantly or whenever they might have co-operated. You can change the password; all PCs want to identify that password in instruction to link with the network. Lots of sites utilize that devices word on your Linksys router to all your need.

Following steps to change the password on Linksys Router:

  1. Link the PC to a numbered dock on the back of the router utilizing the Ethernet wire.
  2. linksys routers supportReleased a Net browser by double-pressing on its desktop sign. Navigate with the browser to the Router’s arrangement options. The address for those trusts on the exact model. Like, the address is “” for whole Linksys WRT54GS Routers.
  3. Get up the web safety arrangement options. Like, for a WRT54GS, press “Wireless” & then “Wireless Security.”
  4. Select a fresh password & then write it on the Router’s arrangement value. Like, for a WRT54GS the fresh passphrase must go into the area branded “Shared Key” (if you’re utilizing one of the WPA safety proprieties) or “Passphrase” (if you’re utilizing WEP) Press on “Save Settings” to preserve the fresh password.

The process to set up a password on the Linksys Router is over now. You can follow these steps to set a password on the Linksys Router.

How to Update Linksys Router Firmware >> Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys firmware update help users fix bugs and let them enjoy the latest version. The users who want to update the Firmware on their wireless Linksys router can look at the below-mentioned steps. Here, you can get some process Linksys firmware updates.

  1. Open the web browser on your computers such as Mozilla Firefox or the Internet Explorer and then write 168.1.1 address in the Browser’s URL.
  2. Login and vacant the default username blank and then use the password as “Admin.”
  3. The “Setup” page will appear after the login.linksys router extender setup
  4. Now visit the “Administration” and then go to the “Firmware Upgrade.”
  5. Now you have to go to the official Linksys support site and then download the router’s latest version.
  6. Now visit the “Administration” and the “Firmware Upgrade” page again and then tap “Choose File” option and navigate to the downloaded document and the choose it.
  7. Tap on “Upgrade” option. Do not try to interrupt unless a prompt appears “Upgrade is Successful, Rebooting…”

The method is developed to help you update Linksys Router firmware. To fix bugs and enhance router’s functionality, Linksys firmware update is very essential. Always try to keep your Linksys router updated.

Recover Lost Networking Key for Linksys Router >> Linksys Setup

The users who want to access the wireless network with the help of a Linksys router will require a security key. You can access the network with the help of this security key easily. Perform this Linksys troubleshooting step to recover the lost networking key for Linksys router.

  1. Attach the Ethernet cable to the Linksys router’s port and the other end to the PC’s port.
  2. Now open the web browser and then write 168.1.1 in the address bar.linksys setup pages
  3. Enter the login details and tap on “OK” button, the username will be blank by default, and the password text is “Admin.”
  4. Tap “Wireless” tab and select the “Wireless Security”
  5. Now tap on “Manual” radio button present in the Configuration view section.
  6. View “Passphrase,” “key,” “WPA shared key,” or “Shared key” and then write the network key in the text field column. While using the “WPA shared key,” the network key will be the numbered key that refers to the “TX key.”

You can easily recover the lost networking key using this method. Connect to Linksys router and enjoy one of the fastest internet speeds at your office or home.

Linksys Router Not Working after Power Usage >> Linksys Support

If your Linksys router is using the power but not working properly, then look at the below guidelines.

  1. Note the model number and version number before resetting the factory to defaults and then go ahead.
  2. Turn off the PC and plug out the devices associated with the wireless connection.
  3. Turn off the wireless card as well.
  4. Boot the Linksys router for 5 minutes after disconnecting the wire. Tap and hold the router’s reset button for few seconds and then release the buttons to reset, reboot and power off the Linksys router.
  5. Tap Start and go to the command prompt to ping the Linksys router, with Tap the enter key.linksys router not working
  6. If ‘reply from’ seems, then your PC has detected the router.
  7. In another case, if the ‘request timeout’ guideline displays, then it is advised to you to see the connection again.
  8. Point the web browser with to open the login page again. Just write admin without writing anything in the username as well as password box.
  9. Now write down the version number of firmware that occurs on the screen’s upper right part.

The above process will help you to resolve the issue related to Linksys router not working. Connecting Linksys routers gives you an innovative and reliable internet connectivity.

Linksys Support Phone Numbers – Official

If you are seeking for the official Linksys customer support number, this section is useful. We have found some official Linksys router support numbers, email services, and chat support that are mentioned below as per the resources available on the internet. Though the given Linksys customer service number and other contact options are best to our knowledge, it might be changed or subject to change anytime by the OEMs or manufacturers without any information. In such a condition, we are not responsible for any changes that have been made in the contact options. That’s why before using Linksys customer support phone numbers and other contact options, we suggest you verify them all by yourself.linksys support numbers

Linksys Customer Service Number 1 800-546-5797
Linksys Technical Support Number USA 800-326-7114
Linksys Technical Support Number Canada (877) 855-6899
Linksys Customer Service Number Canada 1-800-546-5797
Linksys Router Tech Support Number (949) 270-8500
Linksys Router Support Number UK 02 030 274 625
Linksys Live Chat Support Linksys Chat Support

How to Reset Linksys Range Extender >> Linksys Routers Reset

Resetting Linksys extender will restore it to the factory default. If you’re facing issue with the Linksys  If you want to reset the Linksys router extender, take a look at the steps provided below.

1. Soft Reset –

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Open the internet browser and then access the internet-based setup of your LRE.
  3. If you want to access Internet-based setup sheet for LRE setup, then you have to connect the Linksys router to your computer using a cable linking.
  4. Now open the IP’s 168.0.1 or
  5. Now write the username and password area as admin and then log in.
  6. Now go to the Administration field and continue to reset the LRE.
  7. Tap on the Factory Default Range key to reset your Linksys Router Extender.

Using these steps, you can easily reset your LRE.

Fix 2. Hard Reset –

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Remove all the available connections from the LRE.
  3. Now plug in the power cable and let the booting start in LRE.
  4. Now place a paper pin in the Reset hole for few seconds when the LRE boots up.linksys routers reset
  5. You have reset the LRE once your LRE boots up and restarts again.

The steps provided above shows the hard reset method that you can use to reset your LRE.

Fix 3. Reset the IP and Change the Password

  1. To reset the LRE without attempting to reset the other changes related to the other settings, just reset the IP and change the password.
  2. Turn on the computer.
  3. Start the internet browser and access the LRE’s Internet-based setup page.
  4. Connect your Linksys router to the computer using a cable connection.
  5. Open the default IPs 168.1.1 or
  6. Write the Username and password as “Admin” and then log in.
  7. Now reset the IP’s and another password that you have to change and you have successfully reset the Router’s main settings.

How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

Cisco, the creator of Linksys Routers, offers timely firmware upgrades for all gadgets coated below the terms of help. Verify for Linksys router firmware updates repeatedly to make sure optimum informality of a Linksys Router & escape few bugs, sporadic cordless connections, set up Linksys Router, or another query linked to net connections. This section will offer serially guidelines on “how to update Linksys Router Firmware” gadget helped by the creator.

Follow these steps to update Linksys Router Firmware:

  1. File the gadget details: Find & enter the model & version numbers placed on the bottom of the router. The mandatory details will be placed nearby the Linksys sign on the end of the Router.
  2. Download the up-to-date firmware version: Navigate to the Linksys creator’s official website & press the link field “Get Cisco Linksys support.” Choose your model through the catalog of gadgets in the middle column of the sheet. If your router doesn’t look in the catalog, attempt writing the gadget details in the inspect area placed nearby the upper midpoint of the page.
  3. linksys firmware updateRoll down to discover the download field nearby the middle of the page & press the link. Press the needle arrow following to the area “Select hardware version.” Choose the version one choice, the only choice in the catalog, to bring up the download links.
  4. Choose the 1st link, tagged “Ver.1.0.01 (Build 10)”. Mac & Computer users will utilize a similar link for updating the Linksys routers firmware. Press “OK” to preserve the record while inspired, & the download will be finished in certain minutes or less. The firmware upgrade has been downloaded & preserved to the system’s hard disk.
  5. Find the normal access for your Linksys Router on a Mac working any category of Mac OS X. Press the Apple sign on the left-hand side of the options field & choose the system preferences selection from the drop-down option. Now choose “Internet & Wireless” from the Net option.
  6. Press the “Advanced” key in the Net discussion box & access the TCP/IP field. The normal access address will be listed below “Network.” Type the gate normal access detail & leaving the discussion box.
  7. Write “ip/config/all” with the instruction display access. The normal access will have listed between the IP arrangement info. The normal access info has been got from Mac OS X.
  8. Open your Router’s net interface utilizing the normal access. Utilize the normal access number to open the net interface for your Linksys Router. Write the normal access address into the address field of your net browser. Click “ENTER” if you’re not instantly operated to your Router’s net interface. The net interface for your Linksys Router will look in your net browser window.
  9. Make a backup of the Router settings to the hard disk previous to mounting the firmware updated version. Press the “Administration” field & choose the “Configuration Management” choices from the drop-down options. From the Linksys routers Configuration Organization discussion box, choose the “Back Up” choice & preserve the file (Config.bin) to your hard disk.
  10. Update the Cisco Linksys Router Firmware through the net interface. Press the “Administration” field & choose the “Firmware Upgrade” choice from the drop-down option. Press the Browse key in the discussion box & find the firmware update document you only downloaded by the creator’s website. Press “Upgrade” & stay for the firmware upgrade task to finish. The Linksys router update has been done to the newest version.

The process to update Linksys Router Firmware is over now. You can follow these steps to update Linksys Router Firmware.

How You Can Change Your Linksys Router Name >> Linksys Help

Your Wi-Fi title “SSID” is mostly the router’s cordless name & is one method of protecting the net.  The “SSID” is split by all gadgets in your Wi-Fi & for that reason, has to be special then this will find your net from the response.

Following steps for “How to change Linksys Router’s name”:linksys help

  1. Link an Ethernet wire from some of the Ethernet docks on your “Linksys Router” to the Ethernet docks on your PC. Ensure that the Router is ON. You can utilize a cordless connection too, but a cord connection provides better dependability, especially while changing cordless settings.
  2. Access your browser & type “” in the upper address area. This is the normal IP address for many Linksys routers. If you alter your IP Router’s IP address, write that address in its place. If you cannot know the IP address, press the “Start” key; write “cmd” & click “Enter”; write “ipconfig /all” in the Instruction Quick window & click “Enter.” See for “default gateway,” which catalog your Linksys Router’s IP Address.
  3. Write “admin” as the login username & password. On any Linksys routers, the username tab might be left-hand side blank. Press “OK” to log in to your “Linksys Router.”
  4. Press the “Wireless” field.
  5. Write your selected title in the “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” tab.
  6. Press “Save Settings” at the lower side of the window to proceed with the changes.

The process of changing the Linksys Router’s name is over now. You can follow these steps for changing the Linksys Router’s name.

How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Routers

There are many ways by which a user can troubleshoot the Linksys Wi-Fi router. Today, every home and office need a high-speed web connection, and the routers play an essential part to establish this connection. The routers experience many issues while maintaining this connection and that is why we have come with this Linksys router troubleshooting solutions:linksys wifi router

  1. Call the ISP to make sure that the issue is not a recognized connection issue that is currently faced by the other clients. Some of the ISPs have automated notes with present outages being faced by the clients.
  2. Shut down all the connected PCs and plug out the router and modem. Wait for around two minutes before plug in the router and modem again. Carry on the Linksys router troubleshooting if the web is still not working well.
  3. Tap the button present in the center of the Linksys console. It will reset the unit to the default options. The wireless Linksys router might need further configuration after resetting them. You can take the help of your ISP or manual to get further instructions.
  4. Wait for the Linksys router to complete the resetting process. If the Internet is still not working properly, then the router has some hardware issue. The users have to contact the ISP to get a replacement if the router is the part of their service package.

How to Reset Linksys Router

This branded router doesn’t come with a password recovery wizard, and one of the ways to access to the Linksys router setup page is by resetting Linksys router password. Another way for resetting Linksys router is by using reset button. Look at the below guidelines and perform Linksys routers setup easily.

Using Linksys Routers Reset Button

  1. Switch off your Router and unplug the button first
  2. Wait for at least 30secs and plug you Linksys router once again.
  3. At the back of your router, you will see a ‘reset’ button.
  4. Use a pin to insert it into the hollow reset button.
  5. Push & hold the pin (paper clip) for 15 to 30secs.
  6. When the power light stops blinking and it’s in solid state, reset is complete.
  7. Switch on the computer, go to web-browser and check for the internet connection.

Using web-browser

  1. Open the Linksys router setup page on web-browser by typing ‘’
  2. Once the Linksys router interface opens, provide your Linksys router login credentials to open the dashboard.
  3. Once done, go the ‘Administration’ tab and hit the ‘Restore Factory Settings’ option.
  4. Let the router’s power light stop blinking and turn into solid colour.
  5. Then, look for the internet connection as resetting Linksys router ends here.

If your Linksys router not working, try the above-mentioned reset procedures. We hope you would have now acknowledged how to reset Linksys router. By using the web-browser method, you can also perform Linksys router extender setup.

linksys router troubleshooting

Fix Linksys Router Not Working Concerns >> Linksys Router Troubleshooting

Linksys is known to build an innovative, reliable, and future-ready wireless technologies; Linksys router is one of them. However, we know that router sometimes create issues in working just like any other home appliances. Similarly, Linksys routers also create concerns. Reasons could be anything like

  • Internet connectivity concern
  • Can’t connect to Linksys router
  • Slow downloading
  • Outdated Linksys router, and others

To such kind of issues related to Linksys router, follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • Ensure internet connection is strong and the modem is well connected.
  • Try to restart your Linksys router. If possible, you can try resetting Linksys router.
  • Make sure, your Linksys router is up to date. Linksys router update is essential to fix bugs and other concerns.
  • If you’re new to Linksys router, you must set up Linksys router. Linksys wifi setup can help you fix the concern.
  • Ensure there is no concern with the red light. Switch the Linksys router for 30 secs at least and disconnect all attached wires.
  • You can contact your internet service provider if there is concern with the modem or internet.
  • Check that the ethernet cable is in good condition and no damage to it.

Linksys Help from Us

linksys customer service

Perform all these Linksys routers troubleshooting procedures to fix the Linksys routers problems. Linksys help is also available through Linksys routers support. If you are still not able to resolve the Linksys not working concern, you take the Linksys help. Apart from taking assistance from its officials, you can also call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Linksys routers support team. The professionals are always available to fix Linksys router not working concerns. Make sure you read the terms well before making call to an independent 3rd party Linksys routers help team.