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Carbonite has distinct lines of products, namely, Home office and Carbonite Home for families, individuals, and Carbonite business for organizations. You should know that Carbonite was founded by David Friend and Jeff Flowers in 2005. Up to date, Carbonite has majorly backed up over 101 billion documents and files and strongly recovered over 7-8 billion files for its clients that had been lost. The company was acquired by OpenText in 2019. Carbonite is also well-known for the Carbonite backup service. You can call Carbonite service easily with the help of Carbonite support phone number to avail of the service. carbonite support

Carbonite Online backup is usually put in a software program on customer’s desktop or laptop that functions around the clock in the background. With the help of incremental backup, the software program looks for new and altered files and backs them up on the user’s desktop. Before the files are transmitted to remote servers at the organization’s data center, each one is encrypted and compressed with the help of ‘128-bit Blowfish encryption.’ The encrypted (and compressed) files are saved on ‘15-drive RAID 6’ storage arrangements. Carbonite online backup also consists of a ‘remote-access’ app that permits individual files to be downloaded to any OS utilizing a web browser. In case of any issue with the Carbonite service, you may call Carbonite backup setup service by using the Carbonite support phone number. Another option is to use this guide to identify the problem and get the relevant solution.

Get Carbonite Downloaded >> Carbonite Login Help

With a click of a mouse, Carbonite server backup (or CSSB) can restore each file that has been lost, from a single document to the complete system. Let’s see some features of Carbonite server backup:

  • Protects files and data when they are running.
  • Restore and protect Hyper-V VMs to any virtual or local machine.
  • Backup Exchange online user data, calendar, and emails.
  • Make and manage plans by role, group, or device you select.
  • Full and granular system protection, along with picture backup.
  • It restores a full-server to existing or new hardware within a few steps.

Carbonite backup service is very useful in backing up your data, files, and documents. But before that, you need to download and install Carbonite on your particular operating system. Every operating system has its own Carbonite download and installation process. Look at the steps mentioned below to install Carbonite on different operating systems.carbonite help

  • Visit
  • Find the installer application at the lower-left corner of the window
  • After Carbinite download, double click the downloaded file
  • When prompted to access the computer, hit ‘Yes’
  • After reviewing Terms of Service, hit ‘I agree’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for Carbonite login

Get Carbonite for Mac >> Carbonite Sign in Help

The procedure for getting Carbonite for Mac is discussed in this section. Firstly, visit the official site of Carbonite:

  • Now, tap on Carbonite sign in option, given at the top of the Carbonite site.
  • Provide your Carbonite login credentials.
  • After delivering the Carbonite login credentials, you might be asked to enter the security info of your account.
  • Input all the details on the form and press on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Click here’ option and proceed with it.
  • If you have already downloaded Carbonite and want to add a new computer, tap on the ‘’Add a new computer’’ option. If not downloaded yet, go to the next step.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Download now’ option to save the ‘Carbonite setup’ file.
  • When the Carbonite download finishes, run the Carbonite setup file.carbonite sign in
  • Then, follow the instructions mentioned on the screen of your computer.

How To >> Get Carbonite for Android

Now, you can easily get Carbonite for android. Just go to the ‘Google Play Store’ from your android device. Then, search for ‘Carbonite’ and tap on the ‘Install’ option.

All About Carbonite pricing & Carbonite Plans >> Carbonite Help

Carbonite cost majorly depends upon the product you choose; Carbonite home pricing and Carbonite business pricing. Carbonite business pricing is slightly on the expensive side. All Carbonite plans have their own storage and security level. There are three Carbonite plans for small businesses and home computers without servers. The Carbonite pricing described in this section only backs up a single computer.

Carbonite Safe Basic: It offers unlimited storage, and the Carbonite cost of this plan is $194.37 for three years, $136.78 for two years, and $71.99 for one year.

Carbonite Safe Plus: Along with unlimited storage, it also backs up external hard drives and videos by default. Carbonite backup pricing for this plan is $302.37 for three years, $212.78 for two years, and $111.99 for one year.

Carbonite Safe Prime: Besides features of previous plans, it offers a courier recovery service. Carbonite backup pricing for this plan is $404.97 for three years, $284.98 for two years, and $149.99 for one year.carbonite pricing

How to Uninstall Carbonite on Mac and Windows

Carbonite is a very useful and fruitful service for backing up files and restoring them. However, sometimes it creates problems with your computer, and you want to uninstall it. Depending upon your operating system, the methods to uninstall Carbonite from Mac and Windows are different. In this article, we will come to know how to uninstall Carbonite on Mac and Windows as well.

For Mac:

There are two methods, and each method is different from one another depending on the version of Mac. So, let’s see according to Mac versions:

For Mac version 1.x:

  • You will observe a ‘Lock’ icon on your Mac system, tap on that.
  • Then, tap on ‘Open Carbonite preferences.’
  • Within that, move down and tap on ‘Disabled.’
  • You will get the ‘Security login’ box. Provide your login credential and tap on ‘Ok.’
  • Further, you will get the ‘Uninstall’ icon. Press on that.
  • Now, reboot your Mac in order to access your computer.

For Mac version 2.x:

  • Tap on ‘Carbonite’ icon given on your Mac.install carbonite
  • Then, press ‘Open Carbonite.’
  • You will get Carbonite ‘user interface,’ tap on ‘account’ icon.
  • Then, press the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • In order to continue the uninstall process, tap on ‘Ok’ option.
  • After that, reboot your Mac.

For Windows

  • Tap ‘Window key + R,’ write ‘appwiz.cpl.’ and tap on ‘Ok.’

Choose the ‘Carbonite’ from the file, and tap on ‘Uninstall.’

How to Reinstall Carbonite >> Carbonite Help

Sometimes, you may face problems while installing Carbonite. You can try to reinstall Carbonite by using this guide. This section of the article will guide you to reinstall Carbonite on your system. If you think this section is not so helpful, you are free to get help from the official Carbonite phone number.

reinstall carbonite

Reinstall Carbonite for Mac

  • Go to the Carbonite official site by typing the URL: and tap Carbonite Sign in option.
  • Provide your Carbonite login credential, and then tap on ‘Ok.’
  • Now, tap on ‘Reinstall Carbonite’ option.
  • Then, tap on ‘Download now’ and proceed with the instructions shown on your Mac operating system.

Reinstall Carbonite for Windows

  • Open the Carbonite official site and tap on ‘Sign in’ option.
  • After providing the Carbonite login credential, tap on “Computer” option.
  • Now, press on ‘Reinstall Carbonite’ button and proceed with it.
  • You will get the ‘download now’ option, press on that download the ‘Carbonite setup’ file.
  • After downloading ‘Carbonite setup’ file, follow all the instructions thoroughly and reinstall it on your windows.

Carbonite Phone Numbers – Official

If you seek the official Carbonite customer service number, this section is useful for you. We have found some official Carbonite telephone numbers and email and chat support services that have been mentioned below as per the resources available on the internet. Though the given Carbonite customer service number and other contact options are best to our knowledge, they are subject to change anytime by the OEMs or manufacturers. In such a condition, we are not accountable for any changes that have been made in the contact options. That’s why before using Carbonite telephone numbers and other Carbonite contact options, we suggest you verify them all by yourself.carbonite phone number

Carbonite Phone Support Number for Small Business Sales +1 (855) 227-2249
Carbonite Customer Service Phone Number for Data Protection Sales +1 (877) 901-3282
Carbonite Contact Telephone Number UK sales +44 333 1234 200
Carbonite Call Center (media enquiry) 781-928-0762
Carbonite Endpoint 360 Email Support [[email protected]]
Carbonite Technical Support Number 877-665-4466

All about Carbonite Password Reset >> Carbonite Help

Carbonite service has a fantastic backup feature that recovers and stores all important files, documents, and images safely. It gives full data protection to business and home users. However, many Carbonite users sometimes forget the password of the Carbonite account and find themselves helpless regarding recovering it. In this section, we will learn about the Carbonite password reset procedure. Use the given steps to reset the password:

  • Go to the official site of Carbonite by using the URL:
  • Then, open the Carbonite sign in page and fill in the login credential to open your account.
  • Now, press on the ‘Reset password’ option.
  • You will get an email to retrieve your Carbonite account password.
  • Tap on ‘Reset password’ option inside your email.
  • Then, you will be asked for the two-step verification method. Below are the preferences that you can opt for and proceed with:
    • Receiving security code by text or call: When you have registered your mobile number with Carbonite, it is very useful then.
  • Choose ‘call’ or ‘text’ and then press on ‘Send recovery code’ button. You will get the code through message or by phone call.
  • Write the code into the box and tap on ‘submit my code.’ Then, verify it by writing once again into the next-appearing box.
  • Then, provide a new password and confirm it once again.
  • Now, tap on ‘Reset my password’ option in order to change the password.
    • Through ‘Security question-answer option: This method is useful when you don’t have a registered mobile number.
  • Provide the answers you gave at the time of creating the account.
  • After writing the answers, tap on ‘Submit’ option.
  • Then choose your new password and reset it.
    • Resetting through billing information: It will only appear when you don’t have the answer or don’t have a registered number.
  • Write the credit card’s last 4-digit number and billing zip code number in the given boxes.
  • After that, tap on ‘Submit’ button.
  • Provide a new password. Password must be eight characters.
  • Give the password once more time.
  • Then, tap on ‘Reset my password’ in order to change it.
    • Resetting via computer name or serial number:
  • Select one of the options (computer name or serial number) and tap on the ‘Submit’ button.carbonite customer service
  • Then, write the new password, confirm it once more, and press ‘Reset my password.’

Resolving Carbonite Server Backup Issues >> Carbonite Troubleshooting

There are many Carbonite problems due to which it gets stuck, and the client finds themselves in trouble. We will discuss various Carbonite issues and resolve them one by one. So, go through the articles thoroughly and eliminate the Carbonite performance issues from your computer.

Resolving Carbonite Not Backing Up Issue >> Carbonite Support

For Mac:

Carbonite mac problems are not common, but sometimes they can be found while backing up. The steps given below would surely help you resolve Carbonite mac problems (crb Carbonite backup problems).

  • Check the network: If Carbonite not connecting to server is an issue, there might be the possibility of an error in connectivity. Carbonite requires strong connectivity for backing up files and documents. Check that network connectivity is strong. You can resolve it by power settings. For that:
    • Tap on ‘system references’ from the mac menu.
    • Then, tap on the ‘Energy saving’ button.
    • Set ‘computer sleep’ to ‘Never.’
    • Tick mark on the next boxes and then close that setting.
  • Check ‘FileVault’: This is a robust ‘security setting’ option.
    • Tap on ‘security & privacy’ and then choose ‘FileVault.’
    • Now, enable the ‘FileVault’ and close it.
  • Check ‘Backup selections’: In the background, some temporary files are created. Eliminate those files from the stored folder. After excluding folders or files, leave your Mac for configuration. Carbonite may take 70 hours to clean all the corrupted records.
  • Now turn off your unused programs, and restart your Mac computer.
  • Then, follow the uninstall and reinstall process, and access the new Carbonite app. Uninstall procedure is given downward of the article. The reinstallation process is already mentioned above.
  • Then, also check the health of your computer.

For Windows:

Steps for windows are straightforward.

  • Step 1: First of all, choose to reinstall Carbonite from your computer.
  • Step 2: Select and remove the unwanted folders or files from your windows computer.
  • Step 3: Now, minimize your lengthy files into shorter ones (between 36 and 255 characters). For that:
    • Classify any folder or file that surpass this boundary (character limit).
    • Move or copy the file into the folder (characters should be limited to 245)
    • Delete the main folder that surpassed the characters.
  • Step 4: Check the current backup status and proceed with the new one.

carbonite phone supportCarbonite Support from Us

Carbonite is an online backup service that backs up your device’s emails, photos, music, documents, and settings. It is generally used by macOS and Windows operators. Carbonite’s name was inspired from a fiction substance, precisely used for freezing Han Solo in a famous movie named Star Wars. Many other services give huge backup space in their relevant backup software, but Carbonite’s unlimited backup space is just incredible. Go through this article to resolve all your Carbonite-related issues. For additional help, you can call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Carbonite support where representatives are always available to help Carbonite users.