AOL webmail service is a multimedia American Internet service company. AOL is one of the largest email service providers in the world. It is a pioneer in the field of email service providers. You can read this guide to resolve all your AOL-related email concerns. This guide aims to solve all your AOL-related problems so that your emailing experience remains mail aol help

How to download and install AOL on Desktop? >> AOL Help Email

We will guide you through creating and logging in to an AOL mail account through this section. If you are looking to log in and create an AOL mail, this section of the article documentation will offer you all the details. To install AOL on the desktop, you can follow the method given below:

Installing AOL on Windows:

There might be a possibility of facing some errors while doing this process given below.

  • To bring the AOL download page, type on the URL page and go to it.
  • Tap on ‘download now’ option given at the bottom of the page.
  • A download window will appear. Tap on the ‘run’ option given on that window.
  • If the user account window appears, then tap on ‘run’ once again.
  • It will ask you to close all running applications.
  • Close it by tapping on the ‘close’ option.
  • After closing all programs, tap on ‘ok.’
  • You will be shown the AOL agreement and its privacy policy. Tap on ‘I agree’ button.
  • Make an account by tapping on ‘new member’. Hit on ‘current account’ if you are already using an old account.
  • AOL is now installed.

Installing AOL on MAC (OS X)

AOL works on MAC OS X in a very promising way. You can install AOL on MAC OS X by following some steps mentioned below. Several steps are mentioned below:download aol mail

  • Type the URL: It will bring you to the AOL desktop download page.
  • Tap on ‘download now.’
  • After completing the download process, you will be redirected to the AOL desktop MAC window.
  • Then tap on ‘continue.’
  • After that tap on the ‘continue’ option again.
  • Once you reach the AOL MAC section, tap on ‘continue.’
  • After that, tap on the ‘continue’ option in the software license agreement window.
  • Now tap on the ‘install’ option.
  • Wait for the application to get installed on desktop MAC OS X.
  • Afterward, tap on ‘close.’
  • Now launch the software by tapping on ‘go menu’ section.
  • After launching the software on MAC OS X, sign in with the username and password.

In this way, you can install your AOL Desktop on MAC OS X. The architecture of the MAC OS X operating system is totally different from the Windows operating system. The installation process of AOL Desktop is also different in both systems.

All About Creating an AOL account >> AOL Email Help

AOL Mail is known for offering a personalized mailing experience so that users can connect with their colleagues and friends. Email is among the simplest and quickest methods to communicate with people. It is very simple to create and log into an AOL email account. For creating an AOL account, you must follow all the steps given below.

For AOL email sign up, visit the official website an aol account

  1. Click the option “log in” given on the home page.
  2. The Login widget has an option “Get a free username”, select this option.
  3. The user needs to fill all the given details. In case of any issue, ask for AOL mail login help service.
  4. Enter your name.
  5. Write a username.
  6. Type the password and confirm your password.
  7. Choose your birthdate from the given options.
  8. Choose Gender.
  9. Write the zip code into the given box.
  10. Select a security question given on the option and write the answer.
  11. After that, enter your mobile phone number.
  12. Type the code given by the option in the box.
  13. The user must accept the terms and conditions and click on the “log in” button.

The process to create and log in to an AOL email is finished. Now users can create and log in to the AOL email easily by following the steps given above. In the following sections, AOL email settings have been discussed.

You can receive and send AOL emails from other email programs. However, for this purpose, you are required to use AOL email settings. If you do not already know about this, this may seem complicated to you. You have an option of using a third-party application for downloading a copy of email or sending/receiving emails. This guide will include the POP, SMTP, and AOL IMAP settings, along with the process of setting them up.

It is known that POP settings can download a copy of mails from the AOL account to the application. If an email is deleted from the AOL account, it will remain in the application. In addition to this, you need to understand that emails are downloaded from Inbox only. Thus, you will have to move emails from personalized folders to the Inbox if you want them downloaded. On the other hand, IMAP is known to sync the account and application so that your information remains identical in both places. Thus, whatever you do with folders or messages in the AOL account will be reflected in the application.

AOL SMTP Settings

  • Server name: Type in
  • Port: Enter 465
  • Encryption: Use TLS/SSL encryption
  • User name: Type in the complete email address
  • Password: Type in the mail password

AOL POP Mail Server Settings

  • Server name: Type in aol.comaol email settings
  • Port: Enter 995
  • Encryption: Use SSL
  • Password: Type in the mail password

AOL IMAP Settings

  • Host: Enter
  • Port: Enter 993
  • Requires SSL: Choose Yes
  • User name: Type in the complete email address
  • Password: Type in the mail password

How to configure IMAP on an iPhone

You might face the issue of AOL IMAP not working on your Apple device. Such AOL problems can be solved by IMAP configuration. If you cant get AOL mail on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open your device’s Settings
  • Go to the option, ‘Accounts and passwords’
  • Choose the option, ‘Add Account’ and then ‘Other’
  • Type in all the required data and choose ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘Save’ and let sync complete

Setting up AOL Mail Server Settings

Usually, the email application permits users to configure POP, SMTP, and IMAP setting for AOL through the account settings of the application. You just have to add the email account to the application and use the AOL mail settings. For instance, the following guide shows how to configure outgoing and email AOL server settings in Outlook:

SMTP: Open the Outlook application

  • Open File
  • Go to Account Settings and choose Server Settings
  • Choose Outgoing Mail
  • Enter the SMTP AOL server settings as described in the previous section

POP & IMAP: After setting up SMTP settings, you will be able to send outgoing mail from the account. Nevertheless, you need IMAP and POP settings for receiving incoming mail from the service. For this purpose, follow these steps:

  • Open the Outlook application
  • Go to File and choose Info
  • Select Server Settings
  • Choose Incoming Mail to enter the POP and IMAP setting for AOL as described in the previous section

How do I change my AOL Password

The AOL webmail services provide Email and speedy messaging. Both features need only one password to access your AOL email account. The password should be unique. Passwords can be seen as first line of defense that prevents any kind of unauthorized access to their accounts. It is recommended that one updates the password for maintaining the security of email accounts. The password is designed for the security purpose of your AOL email account so that no one hacks your AOL account. However, it is tough for some users to remember their passwords. They often forget their credentials to get locked out of their system. This guide will offer ways to answer your query related to ‘how do I change my AOL password’. It is very simple to change your AOL email password.

If you do not know how to change AOL password, the steps are given below:

  • Type in your current login username and password to log into your AOL email account.
  • Select the “setting” option given on the AOL toolbar. Next, press the “password” and press the “change” option.
  • Type in your old password in the given field. After that, type your desired new password into the new password box and also enter your new password again. Through this process, you can use your new password during login to your AOL account.

how do i change my aol passwordIf you forget your AOL account password or want to know how to change AOL password, then you can use the guide in the next section.

All About AOL Mail Password Reset >> AOL Email Help

If you do not have a strong password, there is no way your account is secure. Not even a strong password can guarantee safety. Thus, the only way to remain safe is to change the password at regular intervals. When a user creates an AOL email account, he is asked to enter a security question for security purposes. If a user forgets his/her account password, they can reset their password by answering that security question. To reset AOL password through a security question, the steps are given below:

  1. Type your “username” given in the option, and select the “next” option.
  2. Select the given option “try another verification number” and click on it.
  3. Choose the “Answer Security Question” given on the options and verify your AOL email account profile information.
  4. After that, press the “next” button and type your new password given on the new password box.
  5. Then, press the “save” button given on the option to reset your password. You can recover your AOL email account through this AOL reset password process.

If hackers attack your account, you just have the option of password recovery. This guide has offered all you must know about how to reset AOL password. The process of changing or resetting the AOL email account password is now complete.

Recover your lost AOL email password without changing it >> AOL Mail Support

AOL is known for providing access to a user-friendly email server. The user can be using this server globally to receive and send AOL emails to other users. Through this server, you can recover your lost password without resetting it.recover aol password

  1. Visit the official website of AOL webmail service
  2. Now, go to the main page to login AOL account and find the “login” box.
  3. Select the “forgot password” option, which is given under the login field.
  4. An “AOL billing information” option will appear in front of you. Enter the user information into the given option that you already know. It will be your name and current AOL email address.
  5. Enter your billing credit card’s last four digits into the given field for the next verification step.
  6. Press on the “next” button given on the screen.
  7. The user can retrieve their password by typing an alternative email address into the given field.
  8. Click on the “submit” button. By doing so, you can recover your lost AOL email password.

AOL Support– Official

If you are in search of the official AOL email Support, this is the right section to look at. Here, we have mentioned various contact options to get in touch with experts of AOL. Use any option that helps you out in solving your query. You might be thinking that we are associated with AOL corporation. Isn’t it? But that’s not true. We never promote or ally with any corporation as our purpose is only to help individuals. The AOL support and other contact options given here may also change or might be changed without any information. We are not guilty of any changes; the results that are given below are based on the resources available on the Internet. It sometimes happens that OEM or manufacturer changes numbers and other support details from time to time. If this happens so and you are unable to use any of the given numbers, you can try our support number mentioned on this mail support

AOL Email Support 1-800-827-6364
AOL Customer Service For Deaf users 1-800-759-3323
AOL Live Help 1-866-265-8990
AOL Contact for Spanish 1-866-885-5117
AOL Live Help Link
AOL Email Support
AOL Chat Support

Delete AOL email account >> AOL Mail AOL Help

In case you are looking to delete your AOL email account. You can delete your AOL account by following the steps given below.

How do you delete an AOL email account?

The deletion process of the AOL emails account is given below. You should follow the steps carefully. Doing so, you do not need to take the help of AOL mail customer service.deleted aol mail

  1. Firstly, you need to open your AOL email account. If your email account is not signed in, go to the official website of AOL email and login into your AOL email account.
  2. After AOL email account login, go to the service page of your account. Find the option “MY ACCOUNT” and select this option.
  3. Then, select the option “Manage My Subscription,” which is given on the “MY ACCOUNT” page. Manage My Subscription link is located below in the “service” heading.
  4. Now, the user needs to press the “cancel” button, which is given in the “plan information” option. Through this, you will get a cancellation window.
  5. Next, select the “cancel” option given on the cancellation window. By doing so, your AOL email account will be deleted from the webmail services.

The deletion process of the AOL email account is finished. Now you can delete your AOL email account easily.

How to reset AOL password? >> AOL Mail Help

Resetting the password of your AOL account is not a big concern. It can be done easily by taking the help of the AOL help desk. This guide will deliver you the complete process of resetting the AOL password. Forgetting the email password is really an irritating thing that we face in our daily life. One of the first steps to do when you think you forgot AOL password is to ensure your Capslock key is toggled correctly. We understand how problematic it is to access the account when one doesn’t know the That is why we have discussed the complete process of resetting the AOL password here only. Just follow the method if you forgot AOL password and want to recover AOL account:

  1. Go to the AOL email account.
  2. Write your user ID name and tap on ‘forgot the password.’
  3. AOL will ask you to enter the phone number for verification. Enter your registered mobile number on that option.
  4. Tap on ‘next.’
  5. AOL will send you a verification code via message. Enter that code and tap on “next.”
  6. Now the screen will show you to write the new password. Make a strong password and remember it for further. Then tap on ‘next.’
  7. Now, look at your AOL account recovery information. If you want to add something, tap on ‘update now.’ If not, then tap on the ‘looks good’ option.
  8. In this way, you have successfully reset your password.

If I forgot my AOL password, what should I do? Here’s the answer. It’s a straightforward method to reset your AOL password. If you can’t reset your password after following these steps, you can contact the official AOL help desk.

aol email setting

How to cancel AOL premium subscription?

You can cancel your AOL premium subscription by following these steps:

  1. First, you need to visit “My”
  2. Then select “My services.”
  3. Then select the subscriptions.
  4. Choose “Manage next to the plan,” which you would like to cancel.
  5. Now select cancel billing.
  6. You have to provide a reason for canceling the bill.
  7. Lastly, you need to select the cancel link, which will be at the bottom of the page.

From the points mentioned above, you can have a clear idea about how to cancel an AOL premium subscription.

AOL email on iPhone not working >> AOL Help

AOL mail not working on iPhone is a key concern for Apple users. Usually, the Mail application shows an error message, ‘Account Error: AOL’ at the bottom. Such AOL mail login problems might create significant troubles in your professional life. You may stop receiving emails on your iPhone. Irrespective of the situation, several solutions exist for AOL mail login problems. Let’s start fixing the problem of AOL email on iPhone not working.

Even if it sounds silly, your first step must be to ensure that you are entering the correct credentials. Double-check your account login and its password to verify their legitimacy. Incorrect login details result in AOL not working on iPhone or any other device. Another easy solution is to restart your device. Turning the device off and then back on can solve quirky problems. For this purpose, press the Power and Volume Up buttons for some seconds. Then, go with the option of ‘Power Off’. Again, wait for some minutes and press the Power button again for a few seconds for turning iPhone on. Finally, open the application and check if AOL email not working on iPhone issue is resolved.

aol email not working on iphone

In order to solve the problem of ‘Account Error: AOL’, it is easy for you to delete your account and then re-add it. If AOL mail not working bothers you, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mail’
  • Go to the AOL account
  • Select ‘Delete Account’
  • Open ‘Settings’ again
  • Select ‘Add Account
  • Select AOL and then enter your login details
  • Open Inbox to check if AOL email is not working or the issue has been resolved

How to change AOL password on iPhone? >> AOL Support

Changing AOL password on iPhone is important if you think your email account is hacked. This is to prevent security concerns related to your personal information like contacts and data. Usually, people wonder how to change AOL password on iPhone. This guide will offer three ways to change your account password.

AOL Mail change Password using Browser

To use this method, you must know your old password. For this purpose, do the following:

  • Visit the AOL sign-in page
  • Type in the username and hit on ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘Forgot My Password’
  • Type in the old password
  • Type in the new password
  • Then, type in the new password again for confirmation

How to change my AOL password using Mobile Phone?

You can change AOL email password through your registered phone number in order to solve a host of AOL problems. A verification code will reach your mobile number. If you do not know how to change password on AOL mail, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Choose AOL Mail Login, and select ‘Login’
  • Type in the ‘Username’ and hit ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘Forgot Password’ and type in the ‘Username’ again
  • Hit ‘Next’ and enter the phone number
  • Hit ‘Next’ and a code will be sent to your registered number
  • Enter the code and hit ‘Next’
  • Hit ‘Login’ or ‘Join’
  • Create a new password to log in to the account
  • change aol passwordUse one of the following options:
    • Registered Mobile Number
    • Registered Recovery Account
    • Security question
  • Follow on-screen instructions and end the process

How to change AOL email password using Existing Password?

You need to remember the current account password in order to use this option. This is helpful if you believe your account is at risk. When you change the account password, you prevent a range of AOL issues like unwanted sign-in attempts. Follow this guide for the AOL change password process:

  • Open any browser
  • Visit
  • Log in to your AOL account
  • Hit on your Profile Picture at the upper-right corner
  • From the left side, select ‘Account Security’
  • Go to ‘How to Sign in’
  • Choose ‘Change Password’
  • Create a new password and confirm it
  • Choose ‘Continue’
  • Your password is changed.

Why is my AOL Mail Not Working? >> AOL Mail AOL Help

AOL was among the first providers that took advantage of the Internet in the 1990s. It brought the Internet to homes across the US. It came up with AOL Mail in 1993, which makes it the oldest email application. Although its services are top-notch, users may face some glitches like AOL emails not working. Is AOL email down? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the filters that you may have created for the account. Also, try disabling or deleting filters that are not being used.
  • Why is AOL mail not working? Your important emails might be landing in the junk box or Spam. Check your Spam folder to mark such emails as Not Spam.
  • Confirm with the sender that they haven’t blocked you or have an incorrect email address.
  • Due to heavy network traffic, you may not receive emails on time.
  • If AOL not receiving emails is a concern for you, you must check if your network strength is strong. A stable network is also required to log in AOL email.
  • You can have AOL mail down on iPhone. If users are not getting AOL mail on iPhone, the can use the following guide:
    • Turn on the Airplane mode and then turn it off to refresh the network
    • aol email is not workingReset the network settings by opening ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reset’. Choose ‘Reset Network Settings’ to load AOL mail on an iPhone device.
    • If AOL mail does not work on Chrome, try using the following troubleshooting steps:
      • Open the browser and a new tab
      • Go to Menu (three dots icon) from the upper-right corner
      • Choose ‘More Tools’ and then select ‘Extensions’
      • Remove all the unwanted extensions
      • For clearing browser data, choose the ‘All Time’ range
      • Choose ‘Clear data’
    • If you are getting an Error Code 521, consider the following troubleshooting points:
      • You must ensure that the operating system is running on the latest version.
      • With the help of disk cleanup, do away with the junk files from the system.
      • You must ensure that your system is not plagued with viruses or malware. For this purpose, an antivirus scan can be used.
      • Through Windows System Restore, you can go back to the version where your system was running perfectly.

AOL Support from Us

AOL has dominated online chat, news, internet connectivity, and email. At the height of its popularity, AOL had a market cap of over $200 billion. In addition, it was leading in the field of advertising and subscription revenue. Users want to use AOL services due to their family-friendly approach. However, even a successful product can face issues. We have tried to include all the major issues you might experience while using AOL services. However, if you still need additional assistance, you can also call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party AOL email support where representatives are always available to help AOL email users.