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Gmail is one of the most popular mail services available worldwide, and surveys show that almost 90% population of the world uses Gmail to send & receive mails, which helps them in business and other work. The popularity of Gmail is increasing day by day. Users worldwide find Gmail as one of the best email service platforms, and the customer base of Gmail is growing every day. Gmail service offers the customers many features and unique services which are secure and safe. It is common to use Gmail on any device anytime, anywhere, and that is why there is no fixed time to encounter Gmail issues. It is highly common to have an email account at Gmail, making it susceptible to Gmail app not working support

Gmail has a search-oriented interface along with a “conversation view” similar to an internet message board. Clients can embed documents from the drive into the message with a specific end goal to send bigger records. Web designers note Gmail for its spearheading utilization of Ajax. Even though Gmail is known for its reliability, users can face multiple Gmail issues today. This guide will help such users to enhance their mailing experience. Through the Gmail help center, you can easily contact Gmail customer support.

Features of Gmail Contacts

You may send a message even without carrying the phones with you. You can send the text message by typing a message with the help of the keyboard. Users may get details about the general features of the Gmail account from Gmail expert help. Features are quite helpful but if the user needs any support, they can use this guide:

  1. Customers may add friends with whom they talk frequently and are in the Gmail mail list, as Gmail contact us keeps track of people whom they talk to on a frequent basis.
  2. Details which customer contact will choose to share that will Gmail contact us automatically merges with info and details.
  3. Customers can easily add people in his circle to his contact list. One can use contact to access the profile of his friend, even if that friend has not shared his email.
  4. The process for automatic clean-up of duplicate contact is another benefit for the customers. Customers can also check the duplicate list in the left panel of the contact contact
  5. Another feature is creating a group. One can create a group of the particular project he is working on. For instance, if the user wants to keep his contacts separate or create a group for one particular page, then they can easily create it in one go.

You can import, export, or print an entire Gmail mail list quickly.

How to set up Gmail account? >> Gmail Accounts Setup

As we all know that Gmail is famous for mailing services, Gmail delivers advertising as well as email services. Gmail has really changed the lives of people. The company is very serious about its goals and customer’s satisfaction. People can save their documents, files, pictures, or any other important file in soft copies. Gmail brought a revolution in the field of the e-world and the field of technology.

Email has brought a major change in the life of the people but also brought a transformation in the lives of the people. Steps to set up Gmail contact have been mentioned below:

  1. You need to open your internet browser go to the official page address bar.
  2. A sign-in page will appear; you need to “Create an account,” which will be visible below “New Gmail “you will notice a pane, with a different existing user login pane, at the top.
  3. Now, you need to fill in your personal information according to the information provided on “Create an Account” page. Enter your first and last name by selecting the desired email ID. Next, select the “check availability” option below the name option. Now decide on a unique password and then re-enter it correctly. Now security question option will be visible. Choose a question accordingly. Suggest an answer; you may also select a recovery email address. After completing the page, you need to agree with the terms and conditions of accounts setup
  4. Lastly, you need to enter your new account by signing into it. This will be done on the official page by entering the link, and your account will be opened.

Sometimes users are not able to set up Gmail account. If you have an email account at Gmail, you must know that there are many methods to set up a Gmail account. To set up the Gmail account quickly, you can visit the Gmail sign-in help page on the official website.  It will provide you with the best way to set up an account. For determining Gmail problems, use the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the internet browser and go to the homepage.
  2. Click on Gmail at the top corner of the page.
  3. Tap on Create an account in the ‘Sign in’ section.
  4. Type your first name and last name.
  5. Choose your username for the email address, which should be unique.
  6. Fill up the rest of the information in the prompt. If the email name you requested is not available, you will receive a message saying that someone already has that username and offers you some alternative.
  7. Create a password with letters and numbers to secure your account.
  8. To reach the next step, you have to accept the privacy and terms. Then, you can read the privacy and terms and click on I Agree.
  9. Select the option of text or voice call to verify the account and click on continue.
  10. If you choose the text message option, you will have to enter the code which you received from Gmail.
  11. You will directly redirect to the Gmail dashboard, and once you read all the detailed information, you can now use Gmail.
  12. After your Gmail account is set up, you can create a profile picture through the top right-hand corner of the page by clicking on Change. Contact Gmail support if you need additional assistance.

How to set up a Gmail on Outlook? >> Gmail Accounts Setup

Outlook is mainly used as an email application for all devices. While operating Gmail on Outlook, users face login issues or setup issues. If Outlook not working with Gmail troubles you, you can go through the below-mentioned process. Enable the POP into your Email account, and don’t forget to click on Save Changes.outlook not working with gmail

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose ‘Tools’ option, and tap on “Account setting.”
  3. Tap the ‘New’ option on Email’ button.
  4. Press ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP,’ and tap ‘Next.’
  5. Give all your detailed information like name, mail ID, and password.
  6. ‘Uncheck’ if you want to set up Outlook automatically.
  7. If you want to set up Outlook manually, follow the procedure mentioned below.
    • Tap ‘Next’ if you’re configuring the 2007 version of Outlook automatically, and press ‘Finish.’
    • If you’re going with manual setup, then choose ‘Internet E-mail’ and press ‘Next.’
    • Verify the ‘user info’ and choose ‘Internet E-mail’ and tap ‘Next.’
    • Tap ‘More settings’ and choose the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab.
    • Press the ‘SMTP’ box and choose ‘Use same’ settings as the incoming server.
    • Tap the ‘advanced’ button and tick mark the box next to ‘server requires an encrypted connection SSL’ beneath ‘Incoming server (POP3).’
    • In the Outgoing server box, enter ‘587,’ and choose ‘TLS’ from the drop-down menu.
    • Tap the ‘OK’ button and choose the ‘Test Account’ Setting. Next, tap on ‘Close’ option.
    • Choose ‘Next,’ and then press ‘Finish’ for Gmail accounts setup.

For Outlook calendar Gmail synchronization, use the following guide:

  • Open ‘Outlook’ and then ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘View All Outlook Settings’
  • Select ‘Calendar’ to go to ‘Shared Calendars’
  • From the section ‘Publish Calendar’, get the link
  • Choose ‘Calendar’ and choose ‘Can view all details’
  • Hit on ‘Publish’
  • Hit on ‘Copy Link’ below ICS link
  • Now it is time to end the Outlook calendar Gmail synchronization
  • Go to ‘Google Calendar’
  • Hit on ‘Other calendars +’
  • Select ‘From URL’
  1. Paste the copied link and choose ‘Add calendar’.

Set up Gmail on iPhone >> Gmail Issues on iPhone

Sometimes, users face issues while setting up Gmail on iPhone because using an iPhone differs from a normal Android device. For example, on an Android phone, you can download Gmail directly from the Play Store. But, is your Gmail not syncing on iPhone? Use Gmail help center to resolve Gmail issues today. To set up Gmail on iPhone, follow the below-mentioned steps:gmail issues

  1. Create a Gmail account on the official Gmail website. If you have a Gmail account, then follow step 2.
  2. Log in to the Gmail account using your login name and password.
  3. Go to the main menu click “settings.”
  4. Click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”
  5. Enable the IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol on your PC to access your Gmail account on your iPhone.
  6. Swipe down to Enable IMAP Access on your PC and click on “Save Changes.”
  7. Log out of your Gmail account.
  8. Configure your IMAP setting on your iPhone. If you fail to configure the setting, then you may contact Gmail login help.
  9. Turn on your iPhone and open Settings.
  10. Select the “Mail” option and click on “Add Account” and then on “Other” option.
  11. Check if the “IMAP” menu is highlighted.
  12. Type the “Hostname” and type the complete Gmail address into the username box.
  13. Enter the password so that you do not have to enter a password again whenever you open the Gmail account on your iPhone.
  14. Review the “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)” below your Gmail login on the iPhone.
  15. The hostname will make another email address, and your username and password should be the same.

Check that Gmail’s Incoming and Outgoing Settings is on in the advanced mode and the server port are 993 and 587.

Account recovery on Gmail

Do you wonder what if I forgot my Gmail password. You do not have to worry about losing a Gmail account. This guide will offer simple steps for recovering your Gmail account. There is no need for creating a new email account. If you think changing my password on Gmail would be a difficult task, you are entirely wrong. It takes just a few minutes to reset the password. For account recovery on Gmail, do the following:

  • Visit the Google recovery page
  • Enter the email or phone number. Hit ‘Next’
  • Type in the last password that you can remember for your account. Hit ‘Next’
  • On entering the correct password, your browser will show a success message. Choose a new password and hit ‘Change password’ to recover password Gmail.
  • Sign in with the new password

You may need a password reset of Gmail if you feel your account has been hacked or compromised. It is a helpful practice as it can save you from security gaps. Being a popular service worldwide, Gmail is a huge deal for Google. If you cannot recover password for Gmail account, Gmail cannot sign in. It means that you are locked out of your account and cannot access your emails. For password reset of Gmail, do the following:account recovery on gmail

  • Sign in your Gmail account
  • Go to ‘Security’ and choose ‘Signing in to Google’
  • Select ‘Password’
  • Type in the new password
  • Choose ‘Change Password,’ and Gmail password reset is complete

To recover password for Gmail account on an Android device, you must know the recovery email address or phone number for the account.

  • Open your ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Google’
  • Choose ‘Sign in to your Google Account’
  • Select ‘Forgot email?’
  • Follow on-screen instructions for account confirmation
  • A code will be communicated via text or email
  • Select your username from the list
  • Create a strong password
  • Sign in with the new password to recover password Gmail
  • If still Gmail cannot sign in, try creating a new account.

If you think changing my password on Gmail is a difficult task, just follow the steps mentioned above.

How to import Gmail contacts to iPhone? >> Gmail Mail List

It’s an easy and convenient process, and the user needs to follow it to the tee. Steps are mentioned below for importing Gmail contacts to iPhone:gmail mail list

Adding Gmail setup account to contacts:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ option on the iPhone.
  2. Go to the “Settings” page, and click ‘Account and password’.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click add account option.
  4. Now you will see Gmail setup login page on your screen, where you need to press ‘Google’ option.
  5. You need to click and select the email address related to Gmail set up by typing the email address.
  6. Click on the “Next” option.
  7. In the password field which will be in the middle of the screen, you have to enter your Gmail setup password.
  8. Now Gmail account will be added with the user’s iPhone. There they have to go on the Account settings option.
  9. The contact list will be green in color. If it does not happen, you need to click the “Contact” switch to enable it.
  10. At the top-right corner of the screen, the user must press the “Save” option. By doing so, the user can save his Gmail account and add his contact list on his iPhone.

Enabling contacts for an existing Gmail account:

  1. Firstly, Open the iPhone settings.
  2. Now move to the Settings page which will be on the accounts and password option. For doing this, you need to scroll down and tap the Options.

When the switch turns green, it means the selected Gmail account has been added to the iPhone contact.

Steps to import iPhone contacts to Gmail >> Importing Emails into Gmail

Importing iPhone contacts to Gmail is quite an easy process. One can get detailed information about it from the Gmail setup official page. You may add contact with numerous sources in their iPhone. Gmail is the most common of them, and that is why we have presented the process to import iPhone contacts to Gmail here. Steps to import iPhone contacts to Gmail are mentioned below:importing emails into gmail

  1. Firstly, you need to open the iPhone “settings” option. Now click “Mail contacts, and calendar” option.
  2. Now select “Add account,” then click the “Google” option on the home screen. If it had been already added, skip this process.
  3. Now fill in the appropriate field on the Gmail screen. You must fill in information like your email address and password. You may also type a name as well as replace it automatically with a more memorable or specific one. For example, your “Family,” “Work contacts” etc.
  4. Lastly dial “Contact” switch to the “on” state. The key should turn green. Next, click the “Save” option. Now on the home screen, click the “Contacts” option.

Importing contacts from Gmail

While uploading the contact between Phones to Gmail benefits the customer to make a backup for the contact. Every so often, the customer’s phone gets formatted by itself, and un-conditionally, contacts get erased. But while importing all the contacts, the customer faces glitches like all the contacts not transferred, and many contacts end-up up being copied. Sometimes, with a technical issue in the network, these issues arise. For importing contacts from Gmail, we recommend that you follow the given steps:

  1. Tap the ‘Setting’ button from your phone.
  2. Choose the ‘Apple account.’
  3. Choose the ‘I Cloud’ and open ‘settings.’
  4. importing contacts from gmailIn I Cloud, just enable the ‘contact Sync.’
  5. Navigate to ‘I,’ write ‘the Apple ID’ and tap ‘Enter.’
  6. choose the ‘contact’ option on iCloud.
  7. Press ‘Ctrl +A (on a PC)’ or ‘CMD+A (on a Mac)’ to choose all the contact.
  8. Choose the ‘setting gear’ option.
  9. Choose ‘Export v-card.’ .vcf file will download.
  10. Open ‘Gmail contacts.’ You may hit the ‘old version’ in the right menu.
  11. Tap the ‘Import contacts’ given on the left menu.
  12. Tap on the ‘Choose file’ option.
  13. Choose the file which you’ve just downloaded from ‘iCloud’ and enter ‘Open.’
  14. After choosing the downloaded file, tap the ‘Import’ despite bringing your contacts into Gmail’s address book.

Exporting Contacts from Gmail

Firstly, the customer should look at the Gmail account. Customer’s default gmail contacts list will appear on the screen if one has already signed in to his account. If not, then log in to the account by entering the login credentials. For exporting contacts from Gmail, do the following:exporting contacts from gmail

  1. The user should go to the old version. It will appear on the corner page of the contact page; this will be done so because the new version of Gmail does not support contact exporting.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen; the user needs to press “More” option, which will be at the top of the contact page.
  3. Next option will appear that will be “Export” option that will be halfway down from the “More” option. It will appear by the pop-up window option.
  4. Press the circle, which will be left to the “All contacts” near the pop-up window; the customer needs to check it out from the “All contacts” box option.
  5. Now press the export format by pressing the circle which will be on the left side of the window.
  6. A pop-up option for contacts file will appear in the system; you have to download it, now click “Export” option.

Gmail Contact US – Official

Gmail does not have its own support as it is part of Google. So, as a result, you may have to take the help of Google support. Also, as per the research, we couldn’t find any official Gmail support number on the internet though we have found a support link that might be helpful to you.

Gmail Help Forum

gmail contact us

How to backup contacts to Gmail on the computer? >> Gmail Support Email

If you are searching for the backup process, then you need to call Gmail customer service help. Backup sometimes becomes a great issue for the customer during the changing of the account. Well, Gmail has also made it easy and convenient. We have provided the steps below for the backup process and in case you find any difficulty you may contact the Gmail support team. Firstly, the user must log in with his email id and password by going on the Gmail official page.

  1. From the top left corner which says “Gmail”, click on the drop-down icon.
  2. Press on “Contacts” followed by “More” option, then “Click” and then “Import contacts”; these should be followed from the drop-down options. If you are still unable to understand the process, feel free to contact Gmail set up team.
  3. Press on “Open” to start importing all contacts to the Gmail account after locating the “VCF” file, which is saved on phone or computer. If still, you are unable to follow the steps, feel free to connect with Gmail customer service chat available on the Gmail contact us page.
  4. Now, all the android contacts will be visible to the Gmail account if the user checks the contacts folder in the system.

The customer can clearly understand how to backup contacts to Gmail on the computer from the scenario mentioned above. To add a new contact from Email:

  1. The customer needs to open the Gmail inbox option. They can do so by signing into the Gmail account by entering email address and password.
  2. Select the contact of the person whom you want to add to the list. Next, the user should search for the message for the person he wants to add to his list.
  3. However, friends name will appear on the customer’s personal account. In this way, a prompt drop-down menu will appear within a couple of seconds.
  4. The last step will be to add contacts in the drop-down option on its bottom side. In this way, the user can conveniently add to contact links at the bottom of the drop-down menu option.

How to disable Gmail contacts? >> Gmail Blocked Contacts

You may have to visit the help site to get information about how to disable the Gmail contact list. If people want to remove their contact list from their email, they need to disable their contact list. Steps to disable Gmail contacts are mentioned below:gmail blocked contacts

  1. The first step is to select the setting gear icon in Gmail.
  2. The pop-up menu will appear to select setting options from the menu box.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. The customer needs to select under the create contacts for the auto-complete and add a contact.
  5. The last step will be to save changes which are done above.

Steps to recover permanently deleted emails from Gmail >> Google Support Gmail

This guide provides assistance to the users while dealing with their account issues. If the user has by mistake deleted his account and wants to recover old email, they have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, visit the official page of Gmail.
  2. Now, fill in the appropriate details, like email address and password, which you are willing to recover.
  3. The date from where emails have gone missing should be mentioned.
  4. You have to add a short description of the issue and points to produce the issue again. In addition, you are required to provide information about what had happened. For instance, the emails are deleted from the inbox or from trash or disappear support email
  5. After completing the form, you need to submit it.

Need Help Adding Contacts to Gmail? Gmail Adding Contacts

The readers can use this guide to get all the information regarding viewing and adding contacts to Gmail. It is quite common and convenient to add and view contacts in Gmail. The primary aim of any brand is to provide customer satisfaction. Some of the common, as well as convenient steps, are mentioned below.

For Gmail adding contacts, do the following:

  1. Firstly, one has to open his Gmail account then enter his username and password.
  2. Next step is to press the “Menu icon.” A drop-down menu will appear. It is on the upper right side of the page.
  3. The next option will be at the bottom of the drop-down menu, then press More.
  4. The next option will be on the second page of the drop-down menu option. Once the Gmail contacts list is opened, the user needs to click contacts.
  5. Press the “New” icon; the customer will find the option when it pops up in the window. One can see the option on the lower right side of the page.
  6. The next option will be the Text box option. The customer needs to enter his first name in the first box and the last name in the “last name” text box.
  7. Press “Email” text box, then type the email address. The user has to provide other information like country-specific, job title, phone number, and any other optional information.
  8. Now press the Save option, which will pop up at the bottom of the right corner of the window. Doing this process will save contacts in the contact list of Gmail.

Editing contacts in Gmail is also an important task. Use the following steps for the same:

  • Go to
  • Choose the contact
  • A popup will appear. Hit on the pencil icon
  • Edit the required information
  • Choose ‘Save’ for editing contacts in Gmail

In addition to this, you can use Gmail group contacts for sending an email blast to others. Gmail support email is active for clearing issues related to email or the configuration of the whole system. For sending Gmail group emails, do the following:

  • Go to Google Contacts
  • Select ‘Directory’, ‘Frequently contacted, or ‘Contacts’
  • Choose the contacts for sending Gmail group emails
  • Go to the ‘Label’ icon to select ‘Create Label’
  • Give a name to the label
  • Enter the name of the group in the recipient box for sending an email to Gmail group contacts

Steps to follow if Gmail is not working >> Troubleshoot

A user may come across issues if their Gmail is not working. It can happen on any device, be it Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC. It could happen because of a range of reasons. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to confirm your issues and select a relevant solution. If Gmail keeps crashing, do the following:

  • If Gmail keeps crashing, try closing and reopening Gmail. Sometimes a simple restart can fix these issues.
  • Is Gmail down right now? You can try changing the browser to check if the issue is specific to a particular browser. For instance, if there is a problem with Gmail on Chrome, try accessing it on Edge or Firefox and check if it works properly on is not working
  • Check for a Gmail outage today. It could be the case that the problem does not lie with the browser or computer. For checking this issue, you need to check the network status via Downdetectot. Alternatively, you can google ‘Gmail down right now’. In case of a Gmail outage today, you will have to wait until the network is restored by the company.
  • Gmail crash is a huge concern for its users. It may happen because of the low storage space in your Google Drive. This is because the emails are saved on Drive. If the storage is low, you need to free up some space.
  • When Gmail app crashing troubles you, you might try updating the application. To do this, go to the Play Store on an Android device. From the three-line menu at the top, choose ‘My apps & games’. Search for ‘Gmail’ and hit on ‘Update’ right next to its icon.
  • Gmail app crashing on a device could be caused by its stored cache. Gmail is known to save some information temporarily for using lesser resources and running faster. However, it can also cause Gmail to face issues, and this cached must be removed. To do this, open the phone ‘Settings’ and fo to ‘Apps & Notifications’. For viewing all your applications, select ‘See all apps’. Find ‘Gmail’ from the app list and select ‘Storage & Cache’. Then, hit ‘Clear cache to wipe the cached data’. Finally, go back to click on the option of ‘Fore stop’.
  • Is the Gmail app down? You can try signing in to your account again. Remove the account and log in again. Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Accounts’. Select the Google account and tap on ‘Remove account’. You account has been removed, Now, go to ‘Accounts’ again and hit ‘Add Account’. After confirming the phone security, input the Google account credentials for signing in. Check is the Gmail app down now.
  • To solve Gmail app no connection issue, try force closing Gmail. It will help in closing all the background processes related to Gmail. Restart the application to see if Gmail app no connection issue is resolved. Go to ‘App  Notifications’ to find ‘Gmail’ app. Select ‘App Info’ and then choose ‘Force Stop’.
  • To solve Gmail no connection issue on an iPad or iPhone:
    • Ensure you have a strong Internet connection
    • Log out and log back in
    • Close Gmail application and restart it to solve Gmail no connection issue.
  • There is no direct option to create a safe sender list gmail. However, you can whitelist emails manually. For this purpose, open the Spam folder and open the relevant email. Hit on ‘Not Spam’ Another way to create the safe sender list gmail is to use Filter. Open ‘Settings’ and then move to the tab ‘filters and blocked addresses’. Choose filtering options and then hit on the ‘Create filter’ button. Next, choose the option ‘Never send it to Spam’. Lastly, hit on ‘Create filter’.

How to Sync Android contacts with Gmail? >> Gmail Syncing

When using an Android phone, sometimes, users are unable to sync their contacts with Gmail. Sometimes when syncing contacts to Gmail, the user faces problems of duplicate contacts and incomplete contacts. For Gmail syncing the contacts to Gmail from the android phone, a first-time user finds the process difficult. To resolve the issue of Gmail not syncing, you can obey the below-mentioned Gmail expert help:gmail syncing

  1. Click on the device’s settings.
  2. Select the ‘Accounts’ option under the “Personal” section of the menu.
  3. Go down and Tap the ‘Google’ icon.
  4. Slide the contact button to the right. It will turn blue, and now your Android contacts will sync with Gmail contacts.
  5. Click on the other option of Gmail you want to sync, such as photos, music, etc.

How to Delete Contacts from Gmail? >> Google Support Gmail

Sometimes user faces difficulties while removing the contacts from Gmail. We recommend you should follow the given steps to delete Gmail contacts.

  1. Sign in to the Gmail account.
  2. Go to the Gmail.
  3. Find the Contacts you wish to remove the contact.
  4. Remove your contacts through the More button on the top-left side of the screen, next to Add contacts support gmail
  5. Hit on Delete contact.

Gmail Help from Us

Gmail is a free and advertising-supported email service which is developed by Google. It is often known as Gee-mail, which is a web-based E-mail service. The users can access Gmail on the web and use a third-party program that synchronizes email content through POP or IMAP protocol. Gmail has an initial storage capacity of fifteen gigabytes per user. The user can receive emails up to 50 megabytes in size and include attachments, while they can send up to 25 megabytes emails. Use this troubleshooting guide to resolve all your Gmail concerns. For additional help, you can also call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Gmail email support where representatives are always available to help Gmail users.