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Belkin has a famous router and the most used product of Belkin International Corporation. Its routers are the best in quality, and they are developed using the best and excellent quality. Belkin has now become one of the leading providers of routers as well as the accessories of iPhones, iPods, and other electronic devices. All the products offered by Belkin are of high quality and affordable too. However, latest and advanced quality always comes with various issues. If you find that the resolution regarding your Belkin router concern is not written here or does not match with the exact solution, you can call on the phone-number mentioned on this site. It transfers your call to an independent 3rd party Belkin support team where professionals are always ready to resolve Belkin router concerns.belkin support

How to Set Up Belkin Router >> Belkin Router Support

Belkin Routers are the best networking gadget to connect with the different devices to a particular local web connection. The setting up Belkin Router is not a tough task. The users have to be aware of the steps if they want to set up Belkin Router easily. If you are not known to the steps of setting up Belkin router, then look at the below mentioned guidelines:

  1. Firstly, connect your computer directly to the DSL modem or cable connection of the Belkin router. Write the username, password if you can view the login screen for your ISP.
  1. Now take out the plug of the Belkin router gadget and the cable modem also when you are going to set up Belkin router.
  2. For the WAN port, plug in the DSL modem of your Belkin router system. Now connect the computers with one of the device’s numbered port.
  3. Now start your modem device and wait for a few seconds. Now plug in your modem device and then restart your Belkin system and your computer.
  4. Now click Start and then go to All programs and then click on Control panel. After that, go to the internet connection option. Now tap on the Local Area Connection tab to open the network connection properties in a common.
  5. Now give one tap on Internal Protocol. Get an IP address automatically and then connect to a DNS server address.
  6. Lastly, start the internet browser and then write the username and password when the login screen appears.

You can config Belkin router easily by looking at the above step. Hope you would have understood how to login to Belkin router by setting it up.

Belkin WiFi Range Extender Setup >> Belkin Support

If you are searching for the method of Belkin wifi extender setup, then you are at the correct place. To start the process of Belkin wifi extender setup, connect the extender to a PC and then with a power plug. Now configure the extender to the wifi using the Belkin’s web-based setup sheet and then develop an extended network. It guides the users through the method of developing the extended network.belkin wifi range extender

  1. Connect the wifi extender to the PC and a wall passage. It can be done using an Ethernet cord and then connect to a power outlet.
  2. Power off the PC’s Wifi and then open the Belkin’s web-based setup page. To reach there, write the ink in the internet browser.
  3. Tap the ‘Get Started’ and choose the 5 GHz wireless network of the computer. Write the password when you are asked to enter.
  4. Tap on the 2.4 GHz network of the PC and develop an extended network.

The above method shows the Belkin wifi range extender setup process that has to be followed by the users.

Process for Belkin Range Extender Setup

If you are searching for the Belkin extender setup method or the process of Belkin range setup you have reached the right place. Here you will get the complete Belkin extender setup method if you are in search of Belkin wireless router setup.

  1. Connect the Belkin range extender into a power source that is under the full-strength signal of the wifi network of your home.
  2. Browse the accessible network using a PC or a mobile and then choose Belkin.setup from the available list.
  3. Open the internet browser and locate it to the Belkin website.
  4. Go to the Belkin’s setup web page and tap Get started and then select the wifi network of your home from the accessible network list.
  5. When prompted, write the password of your wifi network and then choose Next.
  6. Now choose the wifi network of your home again and then tap Next, and tap Create Extended Network.

The above process shows the Belkin range extender setup method.

Belkin Support Numbers – Official

If you are looking for the official Belkin support number, this section is useful. We have found some official Belkin support phone numbers, email services, and chat support that are mentioned below as per the resources available on the internet. Though the given Belkin router customer service phone number and other contact options are best to our knowledge, it might be changed or subject to change anytime by the OEMs or manufacturers deprived of any information. In such a situation, we are not reasonable for any changes that have been made in the contact options. That’s why before using Belkin contact numbers and other contact options, we suggest you to verify them all by yourself.belkin router support phone number

Belkin Customer Service Number +1 800-223-5546
Belkin Support Number UK (0) 1933 770 254
Belkin Office Number UK +44 (0) 1933 35 2000
Belkin Online Chat Service Belkin Chat Support
Belkin Customer Service Number Australia +61 (0)2 4350 4600
Belkin Support Phone Number Australia 1800 235 546

The Method of Belkin AC1200 Setup >> Belkin Router Setup

If you are looking for the Belkin ac1200 setup process, then you can take the help of the setup Belkin router procedure that is mentioned below.belkin router setup

  1. Verify the web connection.
  2. Now connect the devices once the web connection is verified.
  3. To finish the Belkin ac1200 router setup, take the access to the web-based setup page of Belkin router.
  4. Now attach the PC with the modem with the help of Ethernet cable without installing the Belkin set up. Check the plug of the modem whether it is off or on.
  5. Open a website to check whether your system has a web connection or not.
  6. Now continue the Belkin ac1200 setup without using the CD once you verified the web connection.
  7. Now take the Modem’s plug out from the power source.
  8. Now attach the modem to your Belkin router.
  9. Now plug in the router and the modem as well with a power switch.
  10. Now connect the PC with LAN or router’s Ethernet port. In case you have a wireless PC then you have to use the Ethernet cable to connect
  11. Now, just wait for few moments unless the LED light becomes blue. For any other help, visit site.

The above process helps the customers to install the Belkin ac1200 setup without taking the help of Belkin router tech support.

How to Install Belkin N150 Setup >> Belkin Router Set up

If you want to install the Belkin n150 setup manually, then here is the user guide you are searching for.belkin n150

  1. Firstly, use an Ethernet cable to attach the PC and the Belkin router. Just make sure that you have placed the Ethernet cable into the router’s numbered port.
  1. Now, open the web browser and write IP address of the Belkin router in the address bar and tap Enter button. The default IP address of Belkin router is ‘’ If you interact with some trouble while using this IP. then
    • Ensure that the connection of Ethernet cable is made properly.
    • Make sure that you have written the right IP address in the address bar.
    • Ensure that there is no confliction in the IP address exist.
    • During the sign in process, be sure that you are writing the correct password.
  2. Tap login and the password field has to be left blank on the login page of Belkin router set up and then tap the Submit option. You will be redirected to the Belkin set up page.
  3. Go to the Internet WAN and tap the Connection type on the Belkin router set up page. Now select your connection type and then press the Next key.
  4. Lastly, write all the details that are presented by your ISP and then tap on the Apply Changes key.
  5. Now, you are attached to the web. See the upper right corner to check the “Internet Status.” The status should be viewed as “connected.”
  6. You can open the web browser now and go to your favourite website when the Belkin router set up the web connection. You also have the choice to configure some specific settings at the Belkin set up.

The above method shows the complete procedure to install the Belkin n150 setup.

How to Install Belkin Dual Band Wireless Range Extender setup >> Belkin Customer Support

The Beklin users who are looking for the process to install Belkin dual band wireless range extender setup have finally picked the right website. Here, they will get the complete procedure to install the Belkin dual band wireless range extender setup.belkin customer service

  1. Firstly, give the power supply for Belkin n300 range extender setup.
  2. Use a smart device which you have to connect it with the Belkin extender for Belkin n300 range extender setup.
  3. The users have to reset the Belkin extender if they do not get the access to Belkin n300 range extender setup. Once the router is reset, wait for few seconds and then try it again.
  4. Launch the internet browser and access the Belkin n300 range extender setup page. You have to use the IP address to access the Belkin range extender n300 setup page.
  5. Now select the option “Get Started” after reaching the Belkin n300 setup wizard page.
  6. You have to select the wireless network that you want to continue for and then choose “Next” option.
  7. You’ve to enter the password to access the Belkin n300 range extender setup wireless network and then tap the “Next” option.
  8. If you have dual band Belkin setup n300 network, then choose the 2nd wireless network that you have to expand and then recap the earlier steps again.
  9. If you are thinking to modify the information related to the Belkin wireless network. Then, you can hit the “Edit” option and apply the changes that you want to proceed further.

The above process shows the dual band Belkin n300 range extender setup. The users have to follow the steps carefully if they want to install the Belkin range extender n300 setup wirelessly.

How to Install Belkin N300 wifi Range Extender setup >> Belkin Netcam Support

The process to install the Belkin n300 wifi range extender setup is presented here. The users who are searching for the process to install the Belkin n300 wifi range extender setup have come to the right place.belkin n300 router

  1. Leave the Belkin Range Extender on Power ON Mode
  2. Search for the Reset button present at the back of your Router.
  1. Tap the Reset key with the help of a pin or paperclip.
  2. Hold down the Reset key for ten seconds.
  3. Now release the Reset key.
  4. Wait for almost a minute to reboot the range extender fully and Reboot the range extender’s factory settings.
  5. Once the Belkin range extender reset, then you have to restart the Belkin range extender.
  6. Now follow the further process to install the Belkin range extender n300 setup.

Using these steps, you can easily reset the Belkin range extender to start the further process of Belkin n300 setup.

Installing the Belkin N300 Setup

  1. Plug in the range extender to a power source and then restart your PC.
  2. You can view a Network named Belkin.setup when both the gadgets are rebooted properly. Please attach to
  3. Now launch the internet browser, and it will take you to the Belkin setup n300 page automatically.
  4. Now follow the guidelines and choose the wireless network name and then write the password and tap Next.
  5. Place it anywhere in the home when it is configured and get the best network all over the house.

The process to install Belkin n300 setup is complete, and the users have to follow the instructions carefully if they want to install the Belkin setup n300 properly.

Belkin N600 Range Extender Setup >> Belkin Router Setup

In this section, you’ll get guidance about the installation of Belkin n600 range extender setup. We will provide you the steps to install the Belkin n600 range extender setup, and you just have to follow the steps carefully. However, before you start the process, ensure that you have these things:belkin n600 router

  • A wireless router, a network name, and the wireless password. If you have a dual-band router, then you have to take the network SSID and password of the dual bands.
  • A system that is a computer or a laptop
  • An Ethernet cable

The complete process to install Belkin n600 range extender setup is given below:

  1. Attach the system and the range extender using an Ethernet cable to start the Belkin n600 setup.
  2. Plug in the Belkin range extender into a power source.
  3. Disable the functionality off the wifi on your system.
  4. Launch the internet browser and go to the Belkin setup n600 page to start the process of Belkin n600 setup.

Note: You can use the Belkin setup n600 page using the default IP address also.

  1. Once you reach the Belkin n600 setup page, just tap the Get started Option.
  2. Choose the wireless network 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and then tap Next.
  3. Now enter the password of the wireless network when prompted and then tap Next.
  4. Tap Create Extended Network to complete Belkin n600 setup.

The process to install the Belkin n600 setup is now finished. The customers need to follow the steps carefully if they want to install the Belkin setup n600 easily.

Method to Install Belkin n450 Setup >> Belkin Wireless Extender Setup

We are discussing the method to install the Belkin n450 setup. The customers who are seeking help to install the Belkin n450 setup can visit our web page.belkin n450

  1. Launch the internet browser and enter the domain address of the Belkin wireless extender setup and then tap enter.
  2. If you face some issue while launching the Belkin wireless extender setup page, then use the default IP that is in the internet browser address bar and then taps
  3. Now the users can add the wireless gadgets with their Belkin router.
  4. Tap on the Set it up manually which is the available link.
  5. Now choose an e type connection that is provided by the ISP.
  6. While Belkin wireless extender setup the PC will need further information like the ISP username and its password.

The process of Belkin wireless extender setup is now complete.

How to Install Belkin Camera Setup >> Belkin Camera Setup Support

If you are in search of the Belkin Netcam setup or you want to setup Belkin router, then you reach the correct place.

  1. Launch the configuration web page of the router by writing the official domain address. If you are unable to reach there, then use the default IP address. The router’s IP address can be checked by the network Camera page.
    • On the network camera page, the router configuration page appears.
    • Tap the System Settings Present on the menu.
    • Now you can view the password request page.
    • Write the password and then tap submit.
  2. Enable the UPnP Enabling and then tap Apply Changes. The new setting is now saved, and the UPnP of the router will now turn on.
  3. Now you have to try the Network Camera procedure again which is an Automatic setup.
  4. In case you need further information about the Belkin router, then just read the Belkin router’s manual or go to the website of the manufacturer.

The best way to resolve this issue is to follow the procedure step by step.

Belkin Wireless Range Extender Setup >> Belkin Router Set up

The Wi-Fi range extender of Belkin is an exclusive device, and it extends the range of the Wi-Fi. It can be setup without using wires and cables. It can be used in homes and office purpose and helps in small and mid-sized business. Before you start, ensure you have a Belkin Wi-Fi range extender, an accessible Wi-Fi network, and the Wi-Fi capable device. The Belkin setup process is easy to understand.belkin wireless router

  1. Plug your range extender in a switchboard which is inside your router’s wireless network range.
  2. Using your Wi-Fi competent device, place and attach to the Belkin.setup network.
  • (Before you proceed, wait until your device is not attached to the network of Belkin.setup.)
  1. Open the web browser and type the address of the official website of Belkin in the address bar, then click Go.
  2. Now, on that page which is open, tap the Get Started.
  • (It will search for your router’s SSID.)
  1. Choose the network which you like to extend wirelessly. When done, click Next.
  • (Wait for the set up to attach to the network.)
  1. Write the password of your wireless network, and then click Next. When reminded.
  • (Wait till the setup to authenticate your password.)
  1. If users have a network of dual-band, choose the second network which is wireless, which you like to extend and then repeat step 6. Click Next when done.
  2. Review the network information which is extended. Click Edit if the information wants to be changed.

We hope that you will be able to setup Belkin wireless range extender from the above steps easily.

How to Login to Belkin Wireless G Router >> Belkin Netcam Support

After completing the Belkin set up you need to login to Belkin wireless G router. The Belkin wireless G router maintains both Microsoft computers and Macintosh. The Belkin wireless G router connect 16 devices at a time to use its Wi-Fi network, it’s a suitable device for homes and offices. Belkin helps you by giving high-speed networks. Belkin router setup process is easy to understand.

The steps provided below to login to Belkin wireless G router:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Belkin wireless router with your computer. Use any one of the four ports marked LAN at the back side of your router.
  2. Launch a browser, like “Safari,” “Internet Explorer,” or “Firefox.”
  3. Tap on the address bar of your selected browser and type (this is routers default IP address.) Hit “Enter.”
  4. Whenever the page has loaded, the Belkin router login screen appears. Tap Right on “Login.”
  5. Whenever the router password prompted, enters the password. If you desire to change the password, then by default, leave the space to enter the password blank.

You can easily login to Belkin wireless G router from the above steps.

How to Change Password in Belkin Router >> Help Belkin

You can connect your computers with the same internet connection without having run cables between them with a Belkin wireless

  1. Switch on the computer which is presently attached to a network through your Belkin wireless router. Tap on the “Start” option, and then open the control panel.
  2. Double tap the “Devices” icon, before it scrolls down through the control panel option. Tap on “Update Driver,” before it Right taps on the entry for your Belkin wireless router. Wait till the latest software driver finish downloading and then close the device window.
  3. Launch your browser. Type the IP address for your router, which shall be Tap the “Login” option.
  4. Leave the password box empty and then tap the “Submit” option to go into the settings menu. Tap on the other tab at the top of the screen named “wireless.”
  5. Search the “Security” link at the middle of the page and tap on it. Tap on the “Security Mode,” the drop-down menu box will appear, and then change the security mode to which setting you want. If you want to allow security encryption on your wireless network, then select the “128 bit WEP” from the drop-down

To generate the encryption key, tap on the “Generate” option at the bottom of the screen and then in the “Passphrase” text box, write a password that you want to use. If you want anyone inside the range of your wireless router can access your network, then leave the box blank. To save the changes, tap on “Apply Changes.”

Get Belkin Router Firmware Update >> Belkin Router Update

It’s always good to have the up-to-the-minute version of Belkin router software. Belkin routers not help provide great wi-fi connection but also protect against online threats by standing as a gate. However, these days online threats are improving, and therefore, the protection equipment should. Belkin provides always provide new updates from time to time due such increase in online threats. Belkin Router firmware update also fixes tiny bugs to provide seamless internet speed. Look at the below guidelines to perform Belkin router update and enjoy a reliable connection and smooth wifi speed.belkin router update

  1. Open the preferred web browser on your device and write the IP address ‘168.2.1’
  2. Provide the Belkin router login credentials on prompted fields.
  3. Search for the ‘Firmware update’ which is usually given under Advanced>>Administration or Advanced>>Management section.
  4. Further, press on ‘Browse’ option to find the downloaded file of Belkin Firmware. For this, go to Belkin official site, look for the update file based on your Belkin router series and download the update file.
  5. Once done, hit the ‘update’ button.
  6. If it asks ‘are you sure want to upgrade’? or such type of question, then hit the ‘OK’ button.
  7. Belkin Router Firmware update will start updating.
  8. Once done, just wait for a few seconds to get configured.

This procedure will not only help you update Belkin firmware but also let you know how to access Belkin router dashboard. Belkin firmware update ends here. Make sure you don’t switch off or plug out your router while updating. You can only restart your Belkin router once all procedures have done successfully. If required, you can wait for sometimes to restart Belkin router.

How to Update Belkin’s Wireless Driver >> Belkin Customer Service

There are n number of methods to update the Belkin wireless driver. You can follow the procedure that is provided by us if you want to update the Belkin wireless driver. These steps will help you to update the Belkin wireless driver easily.

  1. Right tap on My Computer and reach the Device Manager.
  2. Move to Properties.
  3. Tap on Device Manager.
  4. Right tap and update the Wifi driver/network.
  5. If the update is not running, then remove the driver and install it again.
  6. Now attempt to clean the system and update the router firmware also.
  7. Clean your system by running an Antivirus
  8. Run the complete scan of the antivirus.

The process to update the Belkin wireless driver is now complete.

How to set DNS Server Address for Belkin Router >> Belkin Router Tech Support

In this section, we’ll discuss the process to set DNS server address in the Belkin Router. The customers searching for the method to set DNS server address in the Belkin wireless router can visit our website. We have developed the steps to help those users who want to set the DNS server address in their Belkin router:belkin router

  1. Tap on the Windows logo and then go to the control panel.
  2. Tap Network and Internet.
  3. Now go to the Network & Sharing Center.
  4. Tap the connection name that you want to edit that is available to the right of the connections.
  5. Tap Properties.
  6. Choose TCP/IPv4 and then tap Properties.
  7. Now tap the radio key next if you want to use the below mentioned addresses of the DNS server.
    • DNS Server Preferred:
    • DNS Server Alternate:
  8. Now tap OK on every Windows and then close the Control Panel.

The users searching for the method to set DNS service can use the steps mentioned above.

How to Change Channel on Belkin Router >> Belkin Router Change Channel Help

If you find the internet is slow or not connecting properly, you can change the channel on Belkin router dashboard. You can choose from higher and lower channel to enhance the Wi-Fi connectivity and reliability. Let’s see how to change channel on Belkin router through the below-mentioned guidelines and improve the wi-fi to change channel on belkin router

  1. Enter ‘168.2.1’ on the web browser to open the admin page of Belkin router from where you can open the dashboard.
  2. Provide the Belkin router login credentials to open the Belkin router Dashboard.
  3. Once you have logged in to Belkin router dashboard, go to ‘Wireless’ section.
  4. Then, hit the ‘Channel and SSID’ option.
  5. Now, look for the ‘Wireless Channel’ and choose anyone. (Usually, 6,1, or 11 is preferred as they are non-overlapping channels).
  6. Hit the ‘Apply’ button.

This easy guideline will surely help you change the channel of Belkin router. Note: based on area region, the preference channel numbers such as 6, 1, 11 may vary.

Can’t Connect to Belkin Router >> Belkin Router Troubleshoot

can't connect to belkin router

Belkin routers are one of the top-class routers available in the market, providing high-end internet speed and connectivity. However, as like other routers, sometimes Belkin router creates issues in connecting to the Internet. To fix such issues, you can try the below-mentioned methods. Don’t hesitate if you come across questions like how to perform the below-mentioned methods because we have already explained all within this article. Just try these methods and resolve your internet connectivity concern with Belkin router.

  1. Try to reset your Belkin router.
  2. If possible, try to restart and check once again.
  3. Ensure that the wireless DNS server is up to date.
  4. Make sure you have valid wifi recharge and there is no issue with modem. Try to fix the modem, if any.
  5. Ensure the router is up to date.
  6. Try to change Belkin router channel (Steps given above under ‘Belkin router change channel topic).

If you can’t connect to Belkin router, try all the above-given methods and fix. You can also communicate with your internet service provider if there is any concern with the internet.

Belkin Support from Us

www belkin com supportThe users who’re using the Belkin routers can face minor or major issues anytime, and they require Belkin help at that time. To fix such issues, we have made this article. Just find out your relevant fixes regarding Belkin router and enjoy the fastest internet speeds at your home or office. So, hope this article would have helped you fix Belkin router issues. In case you find it difficult to resolve, you can consult with Belkin router officials. Alternatively, you can call on the phone number given on top of this site. It will forward your phone call to an independent 3rd party Belkin support team. Ensure you read the terms well before making a call to an independent 3rd party Belkin customer service team.